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Feb 27

Lineage & Introversion

Grandma 1b

I am an introvert.  My dad is an introvert.  My grandmother was an introvert.  And I have a few siblings that lean towards introversion.  One could make a case that introversion is part of my lineage.

My grandfather was an extrovert–a colorful, zestful, life-loving man.  He liked to talk, and laugh, and play music.  One was drawn to him as soon as you entered my grandparents’ home.  I miss him.

But the fact is everyone called their home–grandma’s.  It was grandma’s because she was the quiet love behind the louder love.  She was a force, and a nurturer, and a beauty.  She spoke softly, but felt deeply.

In my later years, I was privileged to enjoy a deeper relationship with her.  I’d bring her coffee and her favorite chocolate, and we’d talk, and laugh, and commiserate.  Two introverts in a peapod.

I miss her.  I miss the quiet love that came my way whenever in her presence.

The greatest gift of introversion within a family is that you are understood without the need to unpack a single word.


  1. Allyson

    I miss my grandparents, too. In my family it was the opposite– Nonnie was the extrovert and Boppa the introvert. He was a very quiet man but so loving in his own quiet way. Nonnie always loved to meet people and was very talkative. I have both of them in me. 🙂

  2. TheUnpackMom

    Allyson, you are the best of both worlds!!! And I agree that we usually have both influences within our individual makeup. Although I lean towards introversion more, I do have that side of me as well in which I love meeting new and interesting people and having great conversation…just like my grandpa. 🙂

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