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Dec 04

Long Meditative Walks/Hikes

Vermont 049

As an introvert, the one most restorative tool I use is a long, meditative walk.  I have walked/hiked in some very picturesque settings in my lifetime, and I hold those memories close to me.  But as long as you have nature at your disposal, there’s always something to admire, and appreciate.  I walk in my residential community and focus on the trees, sky, flowers, etc around me, not the houses, or the people.  I absolutely need that silent time to commune with nature, to free my mind, to just “be”  in order to reenter my life situation and even speak (which, let’s face it, as an introvert sometimes speaking words in and of itself is exhausting).

To an extrovert, I may look like a lonely, solitary soul.  I see the looks of pity by fellow “pack” walkers.  Inside, however, I feel richer than this beautiful landscape.  I am alone, happy, and at peace.  I am nurturing myself so that I have the energy to nurture those I love to the best of my ability.

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