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Oct 25



I am in love with nature.  Yet, oddly, I’ve never been a gardener.  My mother is.  She has a gorgeous garden surrounding her yard on the Hudson River in New York.  This past summer, I enjoyed an extended stay, and I spent most of my time in her backyard admiring her garden, and just being…still.

I came home and decided to make my backyard an oasis.  I bought plants–and whereas usually I killed them in record time–I now tended to them as if they were my children.  I watered them, fed them, even talked to them.  It was spiritual time–introvert time.

In planting and tending to them, I realized nature is very much an introvert.  It needs that perfect balance between light and dark, rain and sunshine, being and doing.  Whatever you do today, take the time to be still, and within yourself.  Be you.