Sep 04

The Spirit of Hope


If hope had limbs, and could walk this earth freely, I do believe her spirit would look something like this…

Introvert, extrovert…we all need hope in our lives.



Sep 03

Intro/Extrovert Friendship


“I like your shell.  It must be a good place to escape from the world.”

“I like your inhibition.  You must feel enlivened roaming with your deer pack.”

Introverts and extroverts can be meaningful friends.  I have some wonderful friends who are extroverts.  For me, it’s just been a matter of respecting differences, and more importantly, meeting each other halfway with accommodations.

Friends that have come in different packages have been one of my life’s greatest blessings. 



Sep 02

Taking a Trip


With motherhood such an enormous change, it was important that I felt connected to the people and places that offered me the most positive energy.  Only then would I be able to transfer that energy to my daughter.

I lived in Los Angeles for nearly eight years, and formed wonderful relationships—a diversity of friendships.  I also nurtured my soulful connection to the beach and the landscape regularly, hiking every weekend.  And so when Summer turned five months old my husband and I took her to Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles. 

I felt a strong pull to return to the spot where I felt so much like myself—the “before-mother” self.  It was only then that I felt the beauty of what my life had transformed into in such a powerful way.  I was now a mom, and my life felt richer for it.  The happiness from that trip carried over and energized me for some time. 

Aug 30

Unpack the Night

The night can be restorative, or it can be jam-packed with emotion and activity, some by way of good dreams, some by way of nightmares.

Like the wolf that howls to the moon, expunge nighttime’s baggage.  Imagine yourself a wolf pack of one, releasing all worries to the moon.  You can howl, or you can whimper…just let it out. 

Now imagine the sun rising behind your back, and with it feel yellowy light and warmth fueled by a new resolve, a new energy, and a new story.

Take a breath.  It’s a new day, and it’s yours to own.


Aug 29

Introversion & Pregnancy


As an introvert, and especially a creative type, I relish my alone time.  When I became pregnant, I was overjoyed; yet, at the same time, I did feel anxiety.  I wondered if my introversion would become a liability along this journey, as a new being formed within me—and the realization set in that I would never truly be alone.

It was important for me to check in with my range of emotion, and validate it.  Only then could I let it pass through me, and give proper focus to the mystery birthing on my horizon.  And so I gave myself a free pass to worry a bit, to cry when needed, and to, most importantly, breathe in the joy. 

My husband and I waited three months to inform our families of my pregnancy.  I don’t think that’s unusual for any couple.  But I know it helped me adjust to my pregnancy in a serene and grounded way before the flurry of well-wishers and activity entered our circle.     

Aug 28



Last night, I wanted to offer a new category to the blog.  I had many ideas swirling in my mind before my daughter looked at me with a gleam in her eyes, and randomly said, “hope.”  It’s one of her favorite words.  And it is such a beautiful and relevant word in our shared life.  If you stay long enough with me on this journey, the reason will be revealed.

So I thought I’d offer an ode to my daughter, Summer, and her thoughts, and add a category Unpack the Light.  It reminded me of the poem I wrote to her before her birth.


Summer, I’ve traveled through the seasons to reach you.

Through spring when nature blooms,
offering the illusion of permanence,
and fleeting ties to youth and freedom.

Through autumn when color bursts
And people twirl their stories in the wind
And then leave, on to the next season, the next story.

Through winter when the land sprawls barren
Trees stark gray, stripped of relevance
Aloneness all the colder beneath the snow…

Until now.

I’ve journeyed, and I’ve toiled, and I’ve grown into you.
And you into me.

The sun is awash upon us,
Splashing rays of summer.

Sand in our feet.
The clouds white and voluminous.
The sky gleaming with the ocean’s mist.
Saltwater deep in our souls.
Sunlit waves illumining our spirits.

Summertime is here.

Summer’s time is here.

And now it’s my turn
To walk behind you,
In support, my love,
As you travel through the seasons.

May flowers bloom with fragrance.
Leaves retain color after their fall.
Snowflakes sparkle in your eyes.

May the sun always know your name.



Aug 27

An Introvert’s Cycle

Wedding 005

Both introvert and extrovert are hardwired to be who they are.  And, of course, there is a continuum.  But I’ve found many introverts to be misunderstood by extroverts, and so in this ongoing category “unpack the enigma” I hope to demystify introverts for those who love them.

An introvert—restored and energized—mimics the full moon: shiny, and ripe, and willing to reveal oneself.  With energy, an introvert finds people pleasurable, and conversation—especially meaningful conversation—highly enjoyable. 

But just as the moon is full for only a set period of time, so is the introvert in this state.  An introvert must retreat into silence and solitude to replenish oneself, to restore energy levels. 

As the moon reveals only its half, the introvert withdraws for restoration, as the other half engages with the world.

When pushed into hyperactivity with people and stimulus, the introvert—like a silver of moon—is a mere sliver of oneself.  As a result, people may consider her aloof, cold, irritable, and awfully distant.  In reality, she is only mirroring the lack—the huge chunk of herself that hasn’t been nurtured. 

To become full once again, the introvert must find the time, silence, and solitude to recharge.  Only then will she reclaim her fullness and shimmer.



Aug 26

Nostalgia and the Now


When feeling low-energy, this is a tool I oftentimes use.

Find a photograph wherein you felt lighter than air, restored, charged by spirit, happier than a kid in an amusement park.

Study the photograph for as long as it takes to fill your body with that energy.

 Be grateful for that moment, and then slowly return to present.

 Feel gratitude for what is, and what you have to create in this day.

 If possible, make it a memory.



Aug 23

Unpack the Morning


Nature’s morning unpacks itself slowly.  Light spills over from night’s fall, and moves with grace, never too quickly, brightening as memory forms once again.

 A moment of quiet contemplation before movement, the sun rises with strength, and purpose.

 Mother Earth centers herself.

 Reach within and find your center. 

 Feel your spirit rise to face the morning.

Aug 22

Origins of an Introvert


I was four-years-old in this photo (the little girl to the left), and an indubitable introvert.  I was here, and I was there.  I was aware a photograph was being taken; but I was also exploring my inner landscape.  I may have been wondering why my mom chose this moment to take a photo.  I may have been studying the way the dust dances with the light, creating a colorful pattern that could mesmerize me for hours.  I may have been somewhere else, another self-created world.

I was content to be alongside my sister, and I was content to be within myself, experiencing something richer than the moment.  That has been my experience as an introvert. In fact, some of my most vivid memories from youth have come from my young imagination.

When I see my daughter with a similar dreamy look, I know. She bears the potential soul of an introvert.




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