Sep 19

Introvert Spirit


Sep 18

A Peek Inside an Introvert’s Landscape

flower burst

While introverts may appear aloof, distant, and cold at times, an indomitable mountain refusing to budge or open itself. 

Once understood, and respected, an introvert will more than likely open up to reveal their true colors. 

It may look like this…especially if you’re a creative type.  An imaginative and emotive world is self-contained and nurtured, and then filtered to the world.

It is a different way of experiencing life; but valid all the same. 

Sep 17

Your Space

As an introvert, carving out a space for my creativity and solitude has been an absolute necessity. I’ve taken great care to imbue it with love, and inspiration, and sunlight. It’s my place to be uplifted, at times, frustrated (on an off writing day), and other times magically transported. It is, simply put, my little slice of solitude heaven.

It has been important to keep this space sacred—a necessary haven from motherhood. Even if I’m only able to steal a bit of time here each day, I sit in my chair, and take a deep breath.

Motherhood can be all-encompassing; but finding and maintaining your space–whatever that may look like–is essential. As a result, I’ve been able to give more of myself to my daughter rather than less.

Sep 16

Beach Break


I spent last week at the beach with my husband and daughter.  It was magical–the sand, the ocean, the relaxation.  And it helps when you have a partner that takes an active interest in his child’s life, and offers his wife a much-needed break.  It’s what every introvert absolutely needs–someone to offer breaks for you to recharge.  Even if you’re unmarried, finding that special someone who has a wonderful connection with your child to offer breaks–whoever that may be–is so important.

Every morning, my husband woke up with Summer and took her out to breakfast, and then for a walk on the beach.  It was their special time together, and mine to sleep in and wake up slowly and appreciatively to a new day with my family.

Sep 12

Unpack the Day

sunset ocean

A day’s end can bring peace and fulfillment, or unrest and anxiety, depending on the events that preceded it. It is crucial if your day involved the latter to unpack it before bedtime.

Imagine yourself alone on this shoreline. Dig your feet into the sand. Feel its heaviness as the weight in your own soul. Acknowledge your problems, and their power to keep you burdened.

Now look to the sun setting in the sky. It knows that night must come, and rays of consciousness must slip into the unconscious. As it drops, allow the weight of your day to do so as well. Now feel the waves move towards you, silky, empathetic. Allow the warm water to wash your feet, to cleanse your soul.

The sand is gone. Your mind is clear.

The night is designed for rest.

Sep 11



Presence, awe, absorption in the world…glimpses of my daughter in nature teach me how to live, and how to recall my childlike wonder.

Sep 10

We Aren’t This…


To some extroverts, this visual may epitomize an introvert and her internal landscape. With such a reclusive nature, some extroverts may perceive an introvert as sad, pathetic, lonely, in need of coaxing to come out of her shell to “see the light.”

I can attest that this isn’t my internal landscape while alone, and I doubt many other introverts (although we probably wouldn’t mind camping out here in the solitude from time to time).


Sep 09

Peaceful Naps


I can’t think of anything more enchanting than a nap to recharge and nurture the introvert.  A creative type, I love to dream, to feel transported.  With proper rest, the world seems conquerable.  With sleep deprivation, it’s a chore.

When I’m exhausted, I find the time or the means to close my eyes for 20 minutes.  Whether it’s more meditative or a deep sleep, I make it work.  And if that means placing my daughter on my chest even at age 3 ½ and rubbing her head until she sleeps on me to get that rest, then that’s what I do.

When I worked, I found a place during my lunchtime to rest my eyes, even if it was my car.

Introverts enjoy solitary activities, at times.  But they also love solitary activities alongside a special someone even more.  There’s no better feeling for me than sleeping with my little girl.



Sep 06

Unpack the Beauty

Some images make me want to hop right inside them, and rest and meditate and imagine all the more.

Imagine yourself at peace, reclining on this grassy patch, staring upward at kaleidoscopic beauty.

Feel the colors gently splash down upon you as warm rain. Allow the rain to travel deep within as the richness of your own life in its many colors and variations rises to consciousness.

Now direct all color to your heart—painting it from the inside out—ushering in a deep appreciation for your life’s perfect mosaic.

Own your inner beauty, and feel gratitude for your life. You are a gift.

Sep 05

Summer’s Birth


As an introvert, I couldn’t imagine anything more stressful than being surrounded by people while giving birth and thereafter.  Needless to say, I wasn’t popular with family members.  I asked that people wait until the next day to come visit. 

And people did come the next day, and I felt enlivened by their presence.  But I know it was only because I had that day to recuperate, and wrap my mind around the enormity of the overwhelming and blessed change in my life.  I became a mom for the first time.  And my daughter in that first day was able to experience the best of me, rather than the worst.  I was at peace.  And so was my baby girl, Summer Mary.

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