Dec 07

Nature’s Emotion


When I am feeling low-energy, I oftentimes look towards old photographs to rejuvenate me, especially photographs of myself in nature.  For it is within nature that you can find every nuance of emotion within the human experience reflected back to you, and then can be soothed.

When I need to feel protected, I look at this photograph of myself in Joshua Tree.  The cacti are sheltering me from the world, creating a barrier of both wonder and protection.  And if I’m feeling particularly prickly on a certain day, the cacti mimic that experience for me.

Within it all, I see myself in deep peace, and that returns to me, and I take it with me into my present life situation.

Nov 28

Unpack the Warmth


While sometimes an introvert can be experienced as cold and distant, I’d like to believe—even in those instances—it’s a picturesque kind of cold and distant like this photo.

If you are feeling cold and distant at this moment, and have lacked adequate solitude, this meditation is for you.

Imagine your footprints gently moving forward in the snow until you reach the pier in the distance. Walk ever so slowly, staring upward and around a few times, even catching some snowflakes on your tongue, if you so desire.

Feel the cold, and the wonder. Feel your own aloneness within it, and the joy.

Step onto the pier. Imagine a cozy chair and a roaring fire at its end. Feel the need for warmth arise deep from within. Walk slowly and then relax into the chair. Gaze outward at the world around you. It is a part of you, and apart from you.

Acknowledge that the fire is a necessity, and there is a time to return to your world, and to offer that warmth to those who love you. As you rise again, feel both the warmth and the wonder as you reenter your life situation.


Nov 18

Mommy & Me Classes


Pack moms appear to thrive in the environment of large play-dates.  It offers the perfect opportunity to socialize, and escape the social confines of motherhood.  An unpack mom, conversely, may feel her energy depleted if the play-date involves more than 2 or 3 moms. 

Still, socialization is very important for the health of a budding child—whether introvert, or extrovert.  I have found that classes have offered the opportunity to meet some wonderful moms without the overt pressure to socialize that play-dates seem to mandate.

Summer loved art classes, and song classes, and the occasional library story hour.  I loved being able to focus on an activity, and my child on low-energy days, and on high-energy days the company of being around other moms, whether I was socializing or not.


Nov 08

Autumn Introvert


I am an introvert in the autumn of her life.  There are many surprises in reaching the age of 43.  But the most surprising is a return to self, an authentic self that ran wild, and free, and imaginative as a little girl.  The bits of me masked by the pressures of adolescence and early womanhood have simply peeled away.  And I feel closer to my inner tomboy, nature-loving girl, and so to happiness.

When 40 hit, it truly wasn’t as awful as society would have you believe.  In a sense, it was a sigh of relief, and then guess what?  You live on, and I’d venture to say, you live on better if you have a deep understanding of yourself.  You live on authentically.  And an introvert may have a leg-up on adjusting since her internal world is so rich.

Autumn has always been my favorite season.  And here I am, and the best I can do is appreciate every moment, and discover its worth and beauty before I move onto the next season of my life.


Nov 04

Nurturing Friendships

20110709_28I do not have a large pack of friends.  My facebook friends list is modest.  Honestly, too many friends and I can’t keep up with them, or offer the adequate time it takes to nurture a friendship.  But what I do have as an introvert is a close circle of meaningful diverse friends.  And it has made all the difference in my life.

I reflect back to my childhood and beyond, and can clearly see the pattern of gravitating to a few deep friendships at a time. As an adult, I realize it was my introversion that did so, along with the other variables that make a specific friendship unique and endearing. As a child, I simply felt odd. I wish I had known back then that I was honoring my authenticity.

As a mother, it has been more challenging to nurture my friendships, as time is limited.  But I do the best I can.  My closest friend pictured above lives in Los Angeles, and I live in Annapolis.  Even though we aren’t able to see each other often, we make that effort to phone once a week and catch up.  I take a break from my daughter, go on a long walk, and call.  Afterwards, I am replenished, and all feels right in my world.


Nov 01

Anxiety & the Introvert


As an introvert, one’s interior landscape is rich, full, and open—and one’s thoughts run rampant within it, rather than outside of it.  If the thoughts turn toward the negative, however, anxiety has a firm breathing ground to take hold and become trapped.  When worry infiltrates, it can magnify and one can feel utterly disconnected, charged in all the wrong ways.

At this moment, I was three months pregnant, and my husband and I took a trip to a nearby park to take photos.  Something did not feel right from the moment we entered the park.  The tiny graveyard I noticed only amplified my anxiety.  Rather than listen to my gut, we remained and took photographs.  That night, I went to the ER and had a threatened miscarriage.

Introverts can be so in tune with our environments, people, and circumstances.  At that time, I wished I’d listened to what my body was telling me, and just left in the moment of unease. 

Anxiety can be the tapping stone to guide you away from where you are, towards where you should be.    It’s finding the quiet within the noise, listening to it, and then acting to skirt away from it that sometimes can be difficult.  But it is so necessary. 


Oct 31

Top Five Scary Things for a Pregnant Introvert

Summer in the Autumn 213a

5. An increase in phone calls, e-mails, and drop-in visits.

4. Strangers staring at, and sometimes even fondling your belly.

3. Graphic birthing stories spewed from any woman with a womb who’s used it to birth.

2. Intense pressure to partake in your rite of passage as a new mom—the baby shower.

1. Viewing requests for the actual birth.

Happy Halloween!!!



Oct 25



You may be an introvert if you can relate to this image.

In a field of extroverts, at times you can feel as oddly alone as this flower, and just as conspicuous.

In these times, you’d want nothing more than to be that bird with an escape route, flying out of imposed sociability and into solitude to recharge.


Oct 23

Awesome Art


Summer unpacks the light with her her sparkling smile!

We had so much fun recently painting small pumpkins and dousing them with lots of glitter.

Oct 21

The Playground

20130703_28aThe playground can be a whirlwind of activity, noise, and fun, and I do love seeing my daughter playing in the midst of it. Sometimes, however, I recognize the need in both of us to rotate between the hubbub and the peaceful to keep us the happiest and most balanced. And so when I feel my daughter needs less stimulation and more serenity I choose a quieter playground outing.

I also choose odd times to go to a playground if we need a more serene outing. We love to go when it’s sprinkling outside on a warm summer’s day (granted there are no storms in the forecast). I just bring along a towel to wipe down the playground equipment. Or after a good rain, I do the same. She adores nature just as I do, and the rain rejuvenates both of us, as does the peace and quiet.


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