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Apr 16

The Highly Sensitive Introvert

Easter 1974

I am seated in the blue dress, a highly sensitive introvert.  As a young girl, I felt strange.  Wherever I went, I could sense the energy of a place, of a person, and internalize it in ways both positive and negative.  I was a deep thinker, and filled with wonder.  I was present, but not present, as evidenced in this photo.  I spent so much time in my own mind experiencing something apart from my reality, or perhaps conversely even a heightened experience of my reality.  I picked up on things others didn’t notice, see, etc. When it became too overwhelming, I rerouted someplace else in my mind.

There are very few photos taken of me that diverge from this dreamy faraway look I have.  I can remember so vividly where I would go internally, even if it was just meditating on dust motes in the light.  It was a peaceful place.  It took me away.  So did my imagination.

I have a daughter most likely on the spectrum.  I can relate to her in a way I never could have had I not been a highly sensitive introvert.  And I value her experience, which may not be a part of the typical, but may just be a place the typical cannot get to, or understand.  It has value of its own.  Beauty reaches us in many forms, if we are open.