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Nov 20



Here I am just days after my daughter’s birth.  I am tired, but utterly transformed.  Life will never be the same.

As an introvert, I worried before this day that my life would end.  The freedom of being “me,” and everything that comes along with that–the need for solitude, space, creativity–all of it would now be clipped.  In the days after Summer’s birth, I didn’t have time to think these thoughts.  And even if I did, they wouldn’t be present.

The only thing present was a driving force to love, and to care-take, and to give of myself in a way I never had before.  Someone once told me, “Becoming a parent is a selfish act that makes you selfless.”  It is true.  A child doesn’t ask to be brought into your realm.  But by his/her very presence you become a better person.  You take a giant leap to let go of the self that you struggled so hard to craft and hold onto in lieu of a self that will love with ferocity, unconditionally.

And the things you fear that you will lose will still be there, perhaps not with as much freedom.  But, in time, all will return.