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Oct 20



It has been quite some time since I’ve written a post.  I have needed to be inspired.  And who to inspire me more so than my daughter?  Recently, she created this self-portrait in school.  When asked to describe herself, she had one word–strong.  I felt relief.

My husband and I have been on a journey of uncertainty for three years.  It began at 18 months when the words didn’t come.  It turned into three years of varying potential diagnoses–autism, dyspraxia with sensory issues, selective mutism, expressive language disorder.  To us, she’s our endless Summer–the little light of our life.  No label can define who she is, or her true potential.

Regardless of diagnosis, it is apparent she is an introvert.  I can understand and respect her on a profound level since I am one as well.  We haven’t needed words.  But the words are coming now, even if she is still the most beautiful puzzle.  And to know that she feels strong, it’s everything.

Love is strong.

So is my daughter.