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Jan 09

Happy 2015


The new year offers so much promise, and hope.   As I awoke on New Year’s Day, I found the hibiscus plant I transplanted inside during the fall had bloomed in a trio.  To me it was a positive sign for my small family of three–that this year would be beautiful.  It was also a reminder to take stock in the little things, as they often render the most peace.

Honestly, I was quite pleased to discard of 2014, as it wasn’t the most inspiring year of my life.  It involved a lot of stress, fatigue, and uncertainty.  I am devoted to finding strategies to reclaim control of my life, and harness the energy I can in the body I have (I do have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).  As an introvert, it’s imperative to find that perfect balance.

I am wishing health, happiness, and promise to my introverted following…and lots of glorious solitude time to recharge so as to appreciate life to its fullest.