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Feb 27

Lineage & Introversion

I am an introvert.  My dad is an introvert.  My grandmother was an introvert.  And I have a few siblings that lean towards introversion.  One could make a case that introversion is part of my lineage. My grandfather was an extrovert–a colorful, zestful, life-loving man.  He liked to talk, and laugh, and play music.  One …

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Nov 08

Autumn Introvert

I am an introvert in the autumn of her life.  There are many surprises in reaching the age of 43.  But the most surprising is a return to self, an authentic self that ran wild, and free, and imaginative as a little girl.  The bits of me masked by the pressures of adolescence and early …

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Aug 21

About the Unpack Mom

What is an unpack mom? The term unpack mom came from a derivation of the “pack mom.” It’s how I see moms that run in packs—moms that huddle together with knowledge and stories and ease. These moms appear born to be moms, and are more extroverted. An unpack mom, conversely, may feel a voltage of …

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