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Tools the unpack mom has found effective in coping with motherhood as an introvert.

Dec 04

Long Meditative Walks/Hikes

As an introvert, the one most restorative tool I use is a long, meditative walk.  I have walked/hiked in some very picturesque settings in my lifetime, and I hold those memories close to me.  But as long as you have nature at your disposal, there’s always something to admire, and appreciate.  I walk in my …

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Oct 25


I am in love with nature.  Yet, oddly, I’ve never been a gardener.  My mother is.  She has a gorgeous garden surrounding her yard on the Hudson River in New York.  This past summer, I enjoyed an extended stay, and I spent most of my time in her backyard admiring her garden, and just being…still. …

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Dec 07

Nature’s Emotion

When I am feeling low-energy, I oftentimes look towards old photographs to rejuvenate me, especially photographs of myself in nature.  For it is within nature that you can find every nuance of emotion within the human experience reflected back to you, and then can be soothed. When I need to feel protected, I look at …

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Nov 18

Mommy & Me Classes

Pack moms appear to thrive in the environment of large play-dates.  It offers the perfect opportunity to socialize, and escape the social confines of motherhood.  An unpack mom, conversely, may feel her energy depleted if the play-date involves more than 2 or 3 moms.  Still, socialization is very important for the health of a budding …

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Nov 04

Nurturing Friendships

I do not have a large pack of friends.  My facebook friends list is modest.  Honestly, too many friends and I can’t keep up with them, or offer the adequate time it takes to nurture a friendship.  But what I do have as an introvert is a close circle of meaningful diverse friends.  And it …

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Oct 21

The Playground

The playground can be a whirlwind of activity, noise, and fun, and I do love seeing my daughter playing in the midst of it. Sometimes, however, I recognize the need in both of us to rotate between the hubbub and the peaceful to keep us the happiest and most balanced. And so when I feel …

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Oct 03

The Imagination

If you are faced with a social event not to your liking, or must go on a day when your energy feels depleted, the imagination is a good tool to use. Rather than to focus on everything negative that it could bring, imagine yourself in the setting and finding something positive—perhaps a colorful meaningful interaction, …

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Sep 24

Simpatico, Sunlight, & Serenity

Beneath the sunlight, amidst the trees, her little face pressed up against mine—it is simpatico—mom and daughter in love within the silence and beauty of nature. Finding these moments—however short, however long—is so restorative. Stress melts away, and only inner peace, abounding love remains. From the moment of Summer’s birth, I visited spots regularly wherein …

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Sep 17

Your Space

As an introvert, carving out a space for my creativity and solitude has been an absolute necessity. I’ve taken great care to imbue it with love, and inspiration, and sunlight. It’s my place to be uplifted, at times, frustrated (on an off writing day), and other times magically transported. It is, simply put, my little …

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Sep 09

Peaceful Naps

  I can’t think of anything more enchanting than a nap to recharge and nurture the introvert.  A creative type, I love to dream, to feel transported.  With proper rest, the world seems conquerable.  With sleep deprivation, it’s a chore. When I’m exhausted, I find the time or the means to close my eyes for …

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