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Memories and anecdotes as the unpack mom uncovers her experiences as an introverted mom.

Apr 16

The Highly Sensitive Introvert

I am seated in the blue dress, a highly sensitive introvert.  As a young girl, I felt strange.  Wherever I went, I could sense the energy of a place, of a person, and internalize it in ways both positive and negative.  I was a deep thinker, and filled with wonder.  I was present, but not …

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Nov 20


Here I am just days after my daughter’s birth.  I am tired, but utterly transformed.  Life will never be the same. As an introvert, I worried before this day that my life would end.  The freedom of being “me,” and everything that comes along with that–the need for solitude, space, creativity–all of it would now …

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Dec 07

Nature’s Emotion

When I am feeling low-energy, I oftentimes look towards old photographs to rejuvenate me, especially photographs of myself in nature.  For it is within nature that you can find every nuance of emotion within the human experience reflected back to you, and then can be soothed. When I need to feel protected, I look at …

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Oct 17

My Wedding

Recently, my husband and I celebrated our seventh anniversary. So much has happened in seven years; but it only takes a heartbeat to return to that blessed day, and feel the spirit, love, and peace that enveloped us. It was one of the most sacred days of my life alongside giving birth to my daughter. …

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Sep 30


Motherhood opens you up in new ways, and matures you in ways I couldn’t have imagined. It is a new chapter to embark upon with new discoveries, and it can be a wonder. But there are times when you feel as if you are missing, that you must sidestep yourself to facilitate the development of …

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Sep 16

Beach Break

I spent last week at the beach with my husband and daughter.  It was magical–the sand, the ocean, the relaxation.  And it helps when you have a partner that takes an active interest in his child’s life, and offers his wife a much-needed break.  It’s what every introvert absolutely needs–someone to offer breaks for you …

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Sep 05

Summer’s Birth

As an introvert, I couldn’t imagine anything more stressful than being surrounded by people while giving birth and thereafter.  Needless to say, I wasn’t popular with family members.  I asked that people wait until the next day to come visit.  And people did come the next day, and I felt enlivened by their presence.  But …

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Aug 29

Introversion & Pregnancy

As an introvert, and especially a creative type, I relish my alone time.  When I became pregnant, I was overjoyed; yet, at the same time, I did feel anxiety.  I wondered if my introversion would become a liability along this journey, as a new being formed within me—and the realization set in that I would …

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Aug 22

Origins of an Introvert

I was four-years-old in this photo (the little girl to the left), and an indubitable introvert.  I was here, and I was there.  I was aware a photograph was being taken; but I was also exploring my inner landscape.  I may have been wondering why my mom chose this moment to take a photo.  I …

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