Category Archive: An Introvert’s Meditation

Beautiful visuals from nature paired with a meditation to soothe and center an introvert before starting the day.

Nov 28

Unpack the Warmth

While sometimes an introvert can be experienced as cold and distant, I’d like to believe—even in those instances—it’s a picturesque kind of cold and distant like this photo. If you are feeling cold and distant at this moment, and have lacked adequate solitude, this meditation is for you. Imagine your footprints gently moving forward in …

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Oct 11

Unpack your Anger

An introvert has the propensity to internalize anger, at times.  It’s difficult not to do so.  American culture seems better suited to extroversion, and if you don’t fit that mold or even try to explain yourself outside of it, you may be labeled a misanthrope, a narcissist, rude, cold, selfish, and the list goes on …

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Sep 26

Unpack True Colors

In autumn, the leaves know they must reveal their truest color before their fall. Each is true to what is—revealing its unique imprint, story, shade. Be true to your truest colors. Like the leaf that bears its jeweled soul, allow your story to bleed through, and then fall into the hands of those who are …

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Sep 12

Unpack the Day

A day’s end can bring peace and fulfillment, or unrest and anxiety, depending on the events that preceded it. It is crucial if your day involved the latter to unpack it before bedtime. Imagine yourself alone on this shoreline. Dig your feet into the sand. Feel its heaviness as the weight in your own soul. …

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Sep 06

Unpack the Beauty

Some images make me want to hop right inside them, and rest and meditate and imagine all the more. Imagine yourself at peace, reclining on this grassy patch, staring upward at kaleidoscopic beauty. Feel the colors gently splash down upon you as warm rain. Allow the rain to travel deep within as the richness of …

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Aug 30

Unpack the Night

The night can be restorative, or it can be jam-packed with emotion and activity, some by way of good dreams, some by way of nightmares. Like the wolf that howls to the moon, expunge nighttime’s baggage.  Imagine yourself a wolf pack of one, releasing all worries to the moon.  You can howl, or you can …

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Aug 23

Unpack the Morning

Nature’s morning unpacks itself slowly.  Light spills over from night’s fall, and moves with grace, never too quickly, brightening as memory forms once again.  A moment of quiet contemplation before movement, the sun rises with strength, and purpose.  Mother Earth centers herself.  Reach within and find your center.   Feel your spirit rise to face the …

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