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Jan 09

Happy 2015

The new year offers so much promise, and hope.   As I awoke on New Year’s Day, I found the hibiscus plant I transplanted inside during the fall had bloomed in a trio.  To me it was a positive sign for my small family of three–that this year would be beautiful.  It was also a reminder …

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Nov 27

Love & Gratitude

  On Thanksgiving Day especially…love and gratitude for life’s colorful sunlit blessings. Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow introverts, and to those who love them! 🙂  

Oct 20


It has been quite some time since I’ve written a post.  I have needed to be inspired.  And who to inspire me more so than my daughter?  Recently, she created this self-portrait in school.  When asked to describe herself, she had one word–strong.  I felt relief. My husband and I have been on a journey …

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Feb 27

Lineage & Introversion

I am an introvert.  My dad is an introvert.  My grandmother was an introvert.  And I have a few siblings that lean towards introversion.  One could make a case that introversion is part of my lineage. My grandfather was an extrovert–a colorful, zestful, life-loving man.  He liked to talk, and laugh, and play music.  One …

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Oct 31

Top Five Scary Things for a Pregnant Introvert

5. An increase in phone calls, e-mails, and drop-in visits. 4. Strangers staring at, and sometimes even fondling your belly. 3. Graphic birthing stories spewed from any woman with a womb who’s used it to birth. 2. Intense pressure to partake in your rite of passage as a new mom—the baby shower. 1. Viewing requests …

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Oct 23

Awesome Art

Summer unpacks the light with her her sparkling smile! We had so much fun recently painting small pumpkins and dousing them with lots of glitter.

Oct 10

Sand Play

I married an introvert. And that introvert has a spirited inner child, a sensitive soul, and a lively internal landscape. While there are pros and cons to an introvert/introvert pairing, I like to focus on the pros. We play together in our unique richly embroidered landscape—both of us creative types (although he’s a creative type …

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Sep 19

Introvert Spirit

Sep 11


Presence, awe, absorption in the world…glimpses of my daughter in nature teach me how to live, and how to recall my childlike wonder.

Sep 04

The Spirit of Hope

If hope had limbs, and could walk this earth freely, I do believe her spirit would look something like this… Introvert, extrovert…we all need hope in our lives.    

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