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The unpack mom demystifies the enigma of the introvert, especially for those loved ones who seem to misread or misconstrue your actions.

Apr 16

The Highly Sensitive Introvert

I am seated in the blue dress, a highly sensitive introvert.  As a young girl, I felt strange.  Wherever I went, I could sense the energy of a place, of a person, and internalize it in ways both positive and negative.  I was a deep thinker, and filled with wonder.  I was present, but not …

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Feb 13

The Introvert’s Forest

An extrovert may glimpse this path and see loneliness mixed with impending danger. An introvert may glimpse this path and find deep serenity, the danger being not taking this path. While this may be a liability in terms of safety, as an introvert I find the most isolated places the most comforting.  In fact, walking …

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Feb 08


Introverts hibernate.  And in the winter season, they may hibernate more so.  After all, with the holiday season comes a rush of activity and social interaction, and it may culminate by the new year into a massive burnout.  An introvert may need time to withdraw and recharge.  At least, I know this one does. And …

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Nov 01

Anxiety & the Introvert

As an introvert, one’s interior landscape is rich, full, and open—and one’s thoughts run rampant within it, rather than outside of it.  If the thoughts turn toward the negative, however, anxiety has a firm breathing ground to take hold and become trapped.  When worry infiltrates, it can magnify and one can feel utterly disconnected, charged …

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Oct 15

Introversion and New Motherhood

As I blog my journey, I can only attest to my experience as an introvert. Parts may ring true with other introverts. Snippets may even ring true with extroverts. As I’ve mentioned before, there is a continuum. I can only imagine that there are pros and cons for both introvert and extrovert along motherhood’s journey. …

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Sep 27

Five Signs You’re Dealing with an Introvert

1.  As you inch forward in conversation, the introvert inches away. 2.  After a set period of time, there is dead silence on the other end of your phone conversation, or a speedy closure to the conversation. 3.  As more people enter an elevator (or any crowded enclosed space), the introvert makes an excuse to …

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Sep 18

A Peek Inside an Introvert’s Landscape

While introverts may appear aloof, distant, and cold at times, an indomitable mountain refusing to budge or open itself.  Once understood, and respected, an introvert will more than likely open up to reveal their true colors.  It may look like this…especially if you’re a creative type.  An imaginative and emotive world is self-contained and nurtured, …

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Sep 10

We Aren’t This…

To some extroverts, this visual may epitomize an introvert and her internal landscape. With such a reclusive nature, some extroverts may perceive an introvert as sad, pathetic, lonely, in need of coaxing to come out of her shell to “see the light.” I can attest that this isn’t my internal landscape while alone, and I …

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Sep 03

Intro/Extrovert Friendship

“I like your shell.  It must be a good place to escape from the world.” “I like your inhibition.  You must feel enlivened roaming with your deer pack.” Introverts and extroverts can be meaningful friends.  I have some wonderful friends who are extroverts.  For me, it’s just been a matter of respecting differences, and more …

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Aug 27

An Introvert’s Cycle

Both introvert and extrovert are hardwired to be who they are.  And, of course, there is a continuum.  But I’ve found many introverts to be misunderstood by extroverts, and so in this ongoing category “unpack the enigma” I hope to demystify introverts for those who love them. An introvert—restored and energized—mimics the full moon: shiny, …

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