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  1. The Highly Sensitive Introvert — April 16, 2015
  2. Happy 2015 — January 9, 2015
  3. Long Meditative Walks/Hikes — December 4, 2014
  4. Love & Gratitude — November 27, 2014
  5. Beginnings… — November 20, 2014

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Apr 16

The Highly Sensitive Introvert

I am seated in the blue dress, a highly sensitive introvert.  As a young girl, I felt strange.  Wherever I went, I could sense the energy of a place, of a person, and internalize it in ways both positive and negative.  I was a deep thinker, and filled with wonder.  I was present, but not …

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Jan 09

Happy 2015

The new year offers so much promise, and hope.   As I awoke on New Year’s Day, I found the hibiscus plant I transplanted inside during the fall had bloomed in a trio.  To me it was a positive sign for my small family of three–that this year would be beautiful.  It was also a reminder …

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Dec 04

Long Meditative Walks/Hikes

As an introvert, the one most restorative tool I use is a long, meditative walk.  I have walked/hiked in some very picturesque settings in my lifetime, and I hold those memories close to me.  But as long as you have nature at your disposal, there’s always something to admire, and appreciate.  I walk in my …

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Nov 27

Love & Gratitude

  On Thanksgiving Day especially…love and gratitude for life’s colorful sunlit blessings. Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow introverts, and to those who love them! 🙂  

Nov 20


Here I am just days after my daughter’s birth.  I am tired, but utterly transformed.  Life will never be the same. As an introvert, I worried before this day that my life would end.  The freedom of being “me,” and everything that comes along with that–the need for solitude, space, creativity–all of it would now …

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Oct 25


I am in love with nature.  Yet, oddly, I’ve never been a gardener.  My mother is.  She has a gorgeous garden surrounding her yard on the Hudson River in New York.  This past summer, I enjoyed an extended stay, and I spent most of my time in her backyard admiring her garden, and just being…still. …

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Oct 20


It has been quite some time since I’ve written a post.  I have needed to be inspired.  And who to inspire me more so than my daughter?  Recently, she created this self-portrait in school.  When asked to describe herself, she had one word–strong.  I felt relief. My husband and I have been on a journey …

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Feb 27

Lineage & Introversion

I am an introvert.  My dad is an introvert.  My grandmother was an introvert.  And I have a few siblings that lean towards introversion.  One could make a case that introversion is part of my lineage. My grandfather was an extrovert–a colorful, zestful, life-loving man.  He liked to talk, and laugh, and play music.  One …

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Feb 13

The Introvert’s Forest

An extrovert may glimpse this path and see loneliness mixed with impending danger. An introvert may glimpse this path and find deep serenity, the danger being not taking this path. While this may be a liability in terms of safety, as an introvert I find the most isolated places the most comforting.  In fact, walking …

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Feb 08


Introverts hibernate.  And in the winter season, they may hibernate more so.  After all, with the holiday season comes a rush of activity and social interaction, and it may culminate by the new year into a massive burnout.  An introvert may need time to withdraw and recharge.  At least, I know this one does. And …

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