The Unpack Mom


What is an unpack mom?

The term unpack mom came from a derivation of the “pack mom.” It’s how I see moms that run in packs—moms that huddle together with knowledge and stories and ease. These moms appear born to be moms, and are more extroverted.

An unpack mom, conversely, may feel a voltage of unease even nearing a pack, let alone entering one. She is more at ease solo a good deal of the time, cringes at an over-packed schedule, and finds solace and spirit in nature and solitude.

Unfortunately, the unpack mom is living in a world where her truest nature isn’t in alignment with the actuality of motherhood. As a result, she must find ways to nurture herself so as to nurture her child (or children) in the most authentic way possible.

By 43, there is one thing I know. You can’t and shouldn’t change your truest self. It only makes you deeply dissatisfied from within, and that translates outward. The trick then is to find a way to unpack the negative, recharge the positive, and face motherhood as a hopeful introvert with a few tools in one’s toolbox.

It will mean stepping outside of one’s comfort zone at times; but it doesn’t mean one has to take a giant leap outside of oneself. In fact, sometimes it can be as simple as relishing the solitude that is a lifeline.

All of this is so important to me because I am a mom to a seemingly introverted three-year-old girl. In nurturing the introvert within, one day hopefully she’ll do the same.


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